This international PhD & New Faculty Colloquium provides a platform for new faculty members and doctoral candidates in engineering and management to learn from leaders in industry and academia on building a successful career. As a participant, you will interact and receive detailed and rigorous feedback on your research and your career aspirations from industry professionals and distinguished academics from across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This positive exchange will not only advance your academics but also facilitate the creation of meaningful connections and networking opportunities among peers and colleagues from across India and Asia.

This colloquium will act as an intellectual crucible and enhance the quality of your academic endeavors through in-depth discussions on research challenges, objectives, methodologies, and findings. Additionally, the event offers crucial guidance on the complexities of publishing research articles in archival international journals and navigating ethical considerations in research endeavors. You will learn how to enhance your presentation skills, improve the quality and impact of your research, develop networking skills, and receive constructive critique on your research portfolio.