Library Advisory Committee

The primary function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the Library so that it can facilitate the library development. The committee recommends appropriate learning materials such as books, journals, databases, etc., and overseeing the purchase activities of the Library. The Director constitutes this committee every year. On the recommendations of the Library Advisory Committee and subsequent approval by the competent authority, only the procurement of Library resources accomplished.

Current year (2020-2021) the Library Advisory Committee is as follows:

1 Prof. Utpal Chattopdhyay Chairperson
2 Prof. Seema Unnikrishnan Member
3 Prof. Milind Akarte Member
4 Prof. Vivek Khanzode Member
5 Prof. Sumi Jha Member
6 Prof. Priyanka Verma Member
7 Prof. Ruchita Gupta M855
8 Complimentary + Free Books Member
9 Prof. B E Narkhede Member
10 Mrs. Bhagyashree Korday(LIO) Member
11 Mr. Prashant Goswami (ALIO) Member