Library Collection

The total collection of the library is 83,089 books which include Reference Books, Bound Volumes of Journals, Thesis, Reports, Light Reading Books, Hindi, Marathi and Complimentary Books. The Library subscribes to relevant Electronic journal databases (covering approx.17000 full-text online journals) and other necessary subject databases. It also subscribes FT50 Journals electronically.

The detailed Library collection [as on 31st March 2020] is as follows:

1 Technical Books 57297
2 Bound Volumes J11955
3 Thesis T136
4 Project Reports NR463
5 Light Reading Books T136
6 Hindi Books H2920
7 Marathi Books M855
8 Complimentary + Free Books C1440
9 Technical Journals(Individual Subscription) 69(Online 24; Print & Print+Online 44)
10 Semi-technical, Light Reading Journals & Magazines 45

The Library has a rich coverage of 21 newspapers. Along with Hindi and English newspaper, it also subscribes to regional language newspapers such as Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali.