In an era of a digitally connected, data-driven world and ever-present digital threats, achieving digital trust is a critical strategic imperative and a significant business differentiator. IIM Mumbai's Trust Lab will develop state-of-the-art theories and practices in academia, industry, and government in digital trust frameworks.

    The Digital Trust Lab will create processes for smoothly converting science into technology, facilitate collaboration between existing centers of excellence in the country, develop resources for digital businesses, and much more. With the pandemic, ever-emerging disruptions, and accelerated digital work infrastructures, IIM Mumbai's Digital Trust lab is a proactive approach to sense innovation opportunities and encourage investments to weave industry, academia and government into the digital-trust fabric.


    Businesses, individuals, and society are exposed to new threats and risks that risk managers, C-Suite leaders, IT professionals, and policymakers should be concerned about managing in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. These threats and risks can damage trust in products and services, potentially destroying a company’s reputation, no matter how well-established it is.

    Trust is extremely fragile in the digital sphere, and the most effective way to handle the constantly evolving threat landscape is to have a cohesive, well-planned cybersecurity strategy in place. This strategy should function as a shield during the rapid changes by digital transformation, protecting a company's tangible and intangible assets, including its reputation.

    IIM Mumbai is poised to achieve its excellence goals by establishing this centre of excellence: Data Science and Digital Trust, by creating scalable templates for industry applications and focusing on identifying solutions using futuristic technology. This initiative is a living testament to an institution dedicated to contributing to capacity building at multiple levels: consulting capabilities within the institute that serve current industry requirements, a supply of high-quality executives to create future capacity in industries, and a good pool of intellectuals who contribute to the academic requirements required for nation building. IIM Mumbai has a thriving alumni community that leads and contributes to major industries in India and worldwide.

    Building better tomorrow!

    Prof. Manoj K Tiwari, Director, NITIE
    Prof. Manoj K Tiwari

    Our Vision

    To contribute to the development of digital ecosystems with mutual and measurable digital trust, shaping the future of tomorrow's cybersecurity through pioneering research.

    Our Mission

    As more and more aspects of work and life become digital, it is essential to have secure systems in place and to provide strong privacy protection. Our mission is to help businesses establish digital trust with their customers, partners, and investors by understanding their needs, the threats they face, the challenges they encounter, and future cybersecurity trends.