• Ongoing Projects

    • Plant Mix Model
    • Hub-Shipping Centre Optimization
    • Smart Resource Allocation
    • Transport Cost Optimization
    • Supply Predictability Model
    • OTD (On-Time Delivery) Improvement
    • Routing Optimization
    • Supplier Variability Modeling
    • Slot planning

    Quick Turn, Warehouse Operations: Efficient Order Consolidation

    Firm Report Sentiment Analysis for Stock Trend Prediction

    Phase 2

    • Improvement in Turn Round Time (TRT) considering the truck operations and operational hours to lessen overall congestion.
    • Optimum utilization of all berths in Indira Dock and P&V Dock.
    • Identify maximum revenue generating berths in Indira Dock.
    • EXIM Cargo Storage Optimization
    • Dock Scheduling and Optimization
    • Projection of revenue generation for dedicated goods line from Wadala to Kurla for freight movement from MbPT.

    Application of Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms for Time Series Forecasting

    • Demand Prediction

    Material Consumption Forecasting

    Developing the content on Ancient Indian Mathematics

    Industrial Engineering Study for manpower optimization across the main functions in the Transmission and Distribution system of Tata Power at Mumbai location.

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