The National Logistics Policy 2022

Expert Talk on National Logistics Policy 2022

IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE has been designated as the Nodal Hub for PM Gati Shakti NMP Capacity Building in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We have been conducting a series of Programmes aligned with the theme of PM Gati Shakti NMP. As a part of this journey and as per the MOU with Tata steel for capability building in supply chain area , IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE conducted an Expert Session for about 161 officers of Tata Steel on 31st March,2023. Professor Seema Unnikrishnan (Chair, PM Gati Shakti NMP committee at IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE) conducted this session. During this session, all the key aspects of the National Logistics Policy were discussed in detail with the inquisitive officers of tata steel. The Session was sectioned into three parts :-

  1. The objectives and targets of the National Logistics Policy of 2022
  2. The various aspects of the comprehensive logistics action plan [CLAP] under the Policy with a focus on implementation, standardization, Exim logistics, Services Improvement Framework, and Facilitation of logistics parks. The game-changing role of the Unified Logistics Interface Platform [ULIP] was discussed in length.
  3. The benefits of the National Logistics Policy for the Steel industry.

The session concluded with few thought provoking queries from the officers of Tata Steel ranging from queries related to role of EV in this policy, scope of Private Public Partnerships in it , to mention a few. Prof. Priyanka Verma (IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE) and Mr. Prashant Sahay (Tata Steel Limited) who are the MOU coordinators between IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE and Tata Steel, played key role in the conceptualization and conduct of this session. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Bal, Chief COE from Tata Steel played a pivotal role in giving a direction to the structure of the expert talk.. We are thankful to our Director IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE, Prof.Manoj Kumar Tiwari, for his active support and encouragement for the conduct of various Programmes under the PM Gati Shakti NMP.