Global Online Certification Course on Generative AI in Supply Chain Management

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1 Global Online Certification Course on Generative AI in Supply Chain Management

Today, supply chain executives face multiple challenges. First, inflation is hitting companies bottom line. It increases the cost of economic inputs-energy, labor, material and transportation; it decreases consumer power and demand; and the high interest rates, driven by the Federal Reserve attempt to control inflation, increases the cost of capital and hence the cost of inventory.

Second, supply chain disruptions are everywhere! From the U.S.-China trade war, the pandemic, extreme weather conditions such as hurricane Laura and winter storm Uri, all the way to the Suez Cannel blockage, fire in a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Japan and the Ukraine-Russia war, all are affecting the global supply chains.

Finally, the global labor market shortage, driven in part by the pandemic, impacts every aspect of the supply chain, from manufacturing and transportation all the way to the ability to plan and innovate the entire business.

At the same time, a new technology, Generative AI, has emerged with the promise to change the way business is done in general and supply chain in particular. In this course, we will demonstrate how Generative AI fundamentally change the way decision makers manage and operate complex supply chains. We will review not only the technology itself, but also application for revolutionizing demand forecasting, procurement, inventory management, supply chain collaboration and pricing decisions. We provide real-world case studies the demonstrate the impact of the technology on supply chain and business performance.

6th January 2024 to 21st January 2024 Total 422 Industry Participants across Various Sectors For more details - Click Here Click Here