Advanced Executive Program: Data-Driven Supply Chain Transformation 2024 for

Course from - 16th February 2024 to 20th April 2024

16th Feb' 24 to 20th April 24
  5:30 PM – 8:00 PM IST || Friday
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST || Saturday
40 Hours Course Duration
  Every Friday and Saturday

Course Instructors

Prof. David Simchi-Levi

Professor – Business & Supply Chain Analytics,


Director, IIM Mumbai

Course Overview

In e-commerce, companies like Flipkart utilize digital transformation—leveraging data, analytics, and automation—to drive revenue growth, cut costs, and innovate across all aspects of business management, from supply chain to marketing and product development. This strategic integration of technology enables e-commerce leaders to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving online marketplace. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, e-commerce companies like Flipkart continue to set new standards for success in the digital age.

IIM Mumbai is pleased to introduce the Advanced Executive Program for Flipkart on ‘Data-Driven Supply Chain Transformation 2024’ in partnership with Prof. David Simchi-Levi from MIT, USA, under the leadership of Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari, Director of IIM Mumbai. This initiative aims to accelerate the vision of PM Gati Shakti by empowering Flipkart and its team members with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills needed to drive transformative change in the e-commerce sector.

The digital revolution is prompting companies to transform their supply chains, spanning demand planning to distribution. Prof. Simchi-Levi’s framework integrates digitization, analytics, and automation, reshaping supply chain management. Participants will learn to leverage these trends for enhanced efficiency and profitability while strengthening supply chain visibility and flexibility. Additionally, the curriculum will address organizational and talent strategies to ensure successful supply chain transformations.

Course Highlights

Course Highlights
Lecture recordings will be provided for 1 week
Course Highlights
Participants will get the opportunity to interact live with Prof. David Simchi-Levi.
Course Highlights
Learn key concepts and trends through exhaustive cases and recent happenings in the industry.
Course Highlights
Lecture slides and supplementary material after each session.

Course Focus

  • Exploring the latest trends shaping digital supply chains in the e-commerce sector.
  • Building essential skills and knowledge for navigating digital supply chain transformations.
  • Understanding the role of machine learning and advanced technologies in optimizing e-commerce supply chains.
  • Implementing strategies for digital transformation and efficiency improvement in e-commerce.

Course Outcome

  • Identify possibilities to transform and create end-to-end supply chain value in the e-commerce sector through digitalization, analytics, and automation
  • Prioritize technological trends like digitalization, analytics, and automation to increase e-commerce growth and efficiency.
  • Drive automation with network and production optimization solutions designed for e-commerce scalability.
  • Boost e-commerce revenues by boosting prediction accuracy using data analytics and predictive modeling techniques.
  • Use data analytics to improve new product introductions in the e-commerce industry, ensuring strategic decision-making and market responsiveness.

Course Structure

  • Duration

           - 16th Feb’ 24 – 20th April 24

  •        - 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM IST || Friday
           - 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST || Saturday

  •        - 40 Hours Course
           - 16 Sessions (2.5 Hours/Session) – 35 Hours (14 Sessions) by Prof. David Simchi-Levi and 5 Hours (2 Sessions) by IIM Mumbai
           - Mode of Instruction - Via Online Platform

  •        - Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from IIM Mumbai signed by
             Prof. David Simchi-Levi and Prof. Manoj K Tiwari, Director IIM Mumbai.
           - Lecture Attendance and Quiz Participation will be the criteria for Course Completion

Professor – Business & Supply Chain Analytics & Director, Data Science Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Prof. David Simchi-Levi is the most renowned Professor and Thought Leader in the field of Supply Chain Management and also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Management Science.
  • In 2023, he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He is the recipient of the prestigious INFORMS Impact Prize 2020 for his work on Supply Chain Resilience.
  • His book, "Designing and Managing the Supply Chain" (with P. Kaminsky and E. Simchi-Levi) is a staple across B-schools for their Supply Chain Management courses.
  • He is the founder and chairman of LogicTools which provides software solutions and professional services for supply chain optimization. The company has provided decision support systems to clients such as Caterpillar, ConAgra, Kraft Foods, Mercer Management, Ryder, SC Johnson, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Walgreens, etc. and was acquired by IBM.
  • Profile on MIT website:
    LinkedIn Profile:

Success of Previous Courses

IIM Mumbai had successfully completed 10 versions of the Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization & Management, End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation through digitization and Business & Operations Analytics in association with Prof. David Simchi- Levi since 2021-22.

The courses received an overwhelming response with 18000+ individuals from reputed national and international organizations. Some prominent academic institutions include the llTs, llMs, IIFT, University of London, University of Warwick and some eminent organizations include P&G, HUL, GE, ITC, Amul, Deloitte, General Mills, IBM, Titan, Reliance, PwC and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About IIM Mumbai

  • IIM Mumbai erstwhile known as NITIE Established in 1963 by Government of India with the assistance of UNDP and ILO.
  • Ranked 7th among Indian management schools in 2023 by NIRF.
  • Specializes in industrial management, supply chain, and operations.
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PM Gati Shakti Initiative

  • The PM Gati Shakti - National Master Plan was announced in 2021 with an aim to celebrate 75 years of a progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements. The objective is to break departmental silos and lay the foundation for holistic infrastructure development to address the multi-modal and last-mile connectivity issues pertaining to supply chain and demand management.
  • The Global Online Certification Course on Generative AI in Supply Chain Management explores how Generative AI revolutionizes supply chain management, covering key areas like demand forecasting and procurement. Real-world case studies illustrate its tangible impact, preparing participants for effective implementation in the dynamic landscape of supply chain optimization.
  • This course aims to provide participants with a profound understanding of leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and decision-making across the supply chain to accelerate the idea of the Gati Shakti Master plan

About IIM Mumbai's Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Shri Piyush Goyal (Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs & Food & Public Distribution and Textiles, Government of India) inaugurated the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at IIM Mumbai on 23rd September 2021.
  • This center will act as a driving force to train and launch top quality programs to disseminate advanced knowledge and promote Digitization, Analytics, and IoT Application and Decision Support Systems through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications and Digital Twin and Control towers, to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of complex logistics operations.
  • It will help the logistics sector become more cost-effective, make the sector more competitive, create new jobs, export more, engage better with the world markets, expand outreach and bring more economic activity to India.

Course Coordinators

Faculty Coordinators

Prof. Rofin T M
Prof. Maheswar Singha Mahapatra
Prof. Veepan Kumar
Prof. Amit Kumar Das
Prof. Jasashwi Mandal
Prof. Ramesh Kumar

Student Coordinators

Mr. Rony Mitra
Ms. Pooja

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