AI-Powered Supply Chains 2022

Global Online Certification Course on
Competing in Business through AI-Powered Supply Chains 2022

launched by IIM Mumbai and BITS, Pilani (under PM Gati Shakti Scheme) in collaboration with world-renowned scientist Prof. David Simchi-Levi (Professor Business & Supply Chain Analytics Director, Director of Data Science Lab, MIT)

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Schedule: 29th October’22 – 4th December’22 (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST | Saturday & Sunday) | 30 Hours duration

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Registration Deadline: 27th October, 2022

Supplementary Material

Course Instructor


Professor - Business & Supply Chain Analytics,
and Director - Data Science Lab,

Leadership Team

Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari
Director, IIM Mumbai

Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya
Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani

Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai
Director- BITS Pilani,

About the Course

Business analytics refers to the ways in which enterprises such as businesses, non-profits, and Governments can use data to gain insights and make better decisions. Business analytics is applied in operations, marketing, finance, and strategic planning, among other functions. The ability to use data effectively to drive rapid, precise and profitable decisions has been a critical strategic advantage for companies as diverse as Dell, Walmart, Google, Nike, Capital One, and Disney.

For example, Walmart uses analytics to monitor and update its inventory in a way that allows it to serve its customers at an exceptionally low cost; Dell applied analytics to segment and better manage its supply chain; and Ford and Schneider Electric use data and analytics to significantly improve the resiliency of their supply chain and better respond to a disruption anywhere in their network.

IIM Mumbai and BITS Pilani, Pilani are proud to present the Global Online Certification Course on 'Competing in Business through AI-Powered Supply Chains 2022' in association with Prof. David Simchi-Levi (MIT, USA) under the leadership of Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari (Director, IIM Mumbai), Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya (Vice Chancellor of BITS Pilani) and Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai (Director- BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus), to accelerate the vision of PM Gati Shakti. This course is launched under IIM Mumbai's Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management which aims to develop India's logistics sector through applied research and industry outreach to tackle real-time business scenarios.

IIM Mumbai, established in 1963 by the Government of India with the assistance of United Nations Development Project (UNDP) through the International Labour Organization (ILO), is one of the leading institutes for Management education

Today, analytics is an integral part of modern supply chain management — this course should provide you with the foundation you need to understand and apply these methods to drive supply chain value.


Course Focus

  • Supply Chain Trends and Supply Chain Competency
  • The Different Levels of Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostics, Predictive and Prescriptive
  • The Impact of Integrating Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics on Supply Chain and Business Performance
  • Real World Examples on the Use of Data and Analytics to Improve Operations
  • Digital Supply Chain transformation
  • Supply Chain Resiliency and Key Performance Measures

Course Outcomes

  • Develop Critical thinking about the data and the analyses
  • Identify opportunities for creating value using business analytics
  • Estimate the value created using business analytics to address an opportunity

Course Highlights

  • Lecture recordings will be provided for 1 week.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to interact live with Prof. David Simchi-Levi.
  • Learn key concepts & trends through exhaustive cases & recent happenings in the industry.
  • Lecture slides and supplementary material after each session.

Course Structure

  • 29th October'22 - 4th December'22
  • 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST || Saturday - Sunday
  • 30 Hours Course || 12 Sessions (2.5 Hours/Session)
  • Mode of Instruction - Via Online Platforms
  • Upon completion of the course, all registered participants will receive a Certificate of Completion jointly from IIM Mumbai and BITS Pilani, signed by Prof. David Simchi-Levi and the leadership team.
  • Lecture Attendance and Course Participation will be the criteria for Course Completion

Course Content


Week 1: Supply Chain Fundamentals

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Customer Value and Operations Strategy
  • Controlling the Bullwhip and the Value of Information
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Push-Pull Strategies
  • Complexity Reduction
  • Supply Chain Segmentation

Week 2: Data Science and AI to Improve Business Decisions

  • Overview of Data Science and Machine Learning Techniques
  • Data Science for New Business Model
  • Data Science for Customized Offering
  • Data Science to improve Operations

Week 3: Supply Chain Digitization

  • Big Data Analytics for reengineering business processes
  • Supply Chain Digitization: Unified view of Demand, Segmentation, Smart S&OP, Smart Execution
  • Creating your digital roadmap
  • Prioritization Guidelines
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Developing an effective solution architecture

Week 4: Supply Chain Resiliency

  • The Risk Exposure Index
  • Supply Chain Flexibility
  • Supply Chain Redundancy
  • Inventory Management Strategies

Week 5: Supply Chain Planning

  • Network Planning and Inventory Optimization
  • Transportation Mode Selection
  • Supply Contracts and Risk Sharing Strategies

Week 6: Supply Chain Sustainability

  • Sustainable Supply Chain as a source of competitive advantage
  • Optimizing Efficiency, Responsiveness and Carbon Emission trade-offs
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emission

About IIM Mumbai

The IIM Mumbai, established in 1963 by the Government of India with the assistance of the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) through the International Labour Organization (ILO), is one of the leading institutes for Management Education

IIM Mumbai, a pioneer in Industrial Management has been positioned 9th amongst management schools in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2022.

IIM Mumbai, widely known as the leading Institute in Supply Chain and Operations, holds a purpose of advancing the transformative education and industry-inspired research in different domains, thus dedicating itself to helping Indian businesses to make their presence felt globally.

About BITS Pilani

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani), declared a Deemed to be University in 1964, was conferred the distinction of Institution of Eminence in 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. The qualities of innovation, enterprise, commitment to excellence, adherence to merit, and transparency, have characterized the Institute during its inexorable march to eminence.

Over the span of 58 years, across its campuses, the Institute has been offering educational programmes that are academically rigorous, broad-based, modular, flexible, and relevant to the needs of industry and society, with the agility to adapt to the changing environment, at all three levels, namely, Integrated First Degree, Higher Degree and the Doctoral Degree. The institute has taken pioneering initiatives towards the development of institutionalized linkages with industry, through its (i) Practice school, (ii) Technology Innovation Center, and (iii) Off-campus Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP). Today, 18,000+ students are enrolled on the campuses, and about 22,000+ working professionals are enrolled in WILP. The unique concept of dual degree programme for On-campus students helps them to equip for careers in interdisciplinary areas.

PM Gati Shakti Initiatives

The PM Gati Shakti - National Master Plan was announced last year with an aim to celebrate 75 years of a progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements. The objective is to break departmental silos and will lay the foundation for holistic infrastructure development to address the multi-modal and last-mile connectivity issues pertaining to supply chain and demand management.

The Global Online Certification Course on Data-Driven Supply Chain Transformation 2022 offered by IIM Mumbai, Mumbai and BITS Pilani, in association with MIT Data Science Lab is exclusively curated to provide a roadmap for the industry practitioners to understand the cardinal aspects of technology trends, digitization, analytics, and automation to reinvent the supply chain.

This course aims to provide participants with a profound understanding of leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and decision-making across the supply chain to accelerate the idea of the Gati Shakti Master plan.

About IIM Mumbai ’s Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Shri Piyush Goyal (Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs & Food & Public Distribution and Textiles, Government of India) inaugurated the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at IIM Mumbai on 23rd September 2021.

This center will act as a driving force to train and launch top-quality programs to disseminate advanced knowledge and promote Digitisation, Analytics, and IoT Application and Decision Support Systems through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications and Digital Twin and Control towers, to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of complex logistics operations.

It will help the logistics sector become more cost-effective, make the sector more competitive, create new jobs, export more, engage better with the world markets, expand outreach and bring more economic activity to India

At BITS: Supply Chain Management Activities

BITS Pilani, Pilani campus has setup state-of-the-art Supply Chain Analytics laboratory with various software packages such as SPSS, AMOS, OpenLCA, EVSM, SMARTPLS3, Oracle Crystal Ball, Lingo/Lindo, Hugin and HUGIN for Bayesian Network models. The institute offers minor program of Supply Chain Analytics for undergraduate students. Further, the institute offers various courses related to supply chain management and supply chain analytics having research focused faculties in supply chain area with a good number of publications in various international journals of repute. It has ASCM student chapter. Ten PhD students are currently working in the area of supply chain and various research projects related to supply chain area have been completed/ongoing sponsored from different sponsoring agencies such as UGC, DST, DBT, ICSSR, Ministry of Steel and Department of Food & public Distribution, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi. One major sponsored DST ASACODER project entitled “Doubling Farm Women’s income: Entrepreneurship development through post-harvest processing and technology integration in arid zone” accompanied with CAZRI Jodhpur is currently ongoing in order to enhance the performance of supply chain of selected agriculture produces and value added products using Artificial Intelligence.


MIT Professor – Business & Supply Chain Analytics

Director,  Data Science Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Prof. David Simchi-Levi is the most renowned Professor and Thought Leader in the field of Supply Chain Management and also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Management Science. He is the recipient of the prestigious INFORMS Impact Prize 2020 for his work on Supply Chain Resilience. His book, "Designing and Managing the Supply Chain" (with P. Kaminsky and E. Simchi-Levi) is a staple across B-schools for their Supply Chain Management courses
  • He is the founder and chairman of LogicTools which provides software solutions and professional services for supply chain optimization. The company has provided decision support systems to clients such as Caterpillar, ConAgra, Kraft Foods, Mercer Management, Ryder, SC Johnson, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Walgreens, etc. and was acquired by IBM.
  • Prof. David Simchi-Levi had associated with IIM Mumbai for the Global Online Certification Courses on Supply Chain Digitization and Management as well as Business & Operations Analytics, which were highly successful courses with over 2500 participants from all over the world in each course.
  • Profile on MIT website -
  • LinkedIn Profile -

Course Fees

For Individual Registrations

Category Fee Category Registration Fee
(incl. of all)*
Register Here
Participants from India Student Rs. 4,000/- per participant Registration Link
Academician / Faculty Rs. 7,000/- per participant Registration Link
IIM Mumbai / BITS Pilani Alumni Rs. 8,000/- per participant Registration Link
Industry Professionals / Others Rs. 14,000/- per participant Registration Link
Foreign Participants Any USD 200 per participant (Incl. of all) Registration Link

*Convenience fees may apply.

For Bulk Registrations from one organization

Category Number of Participants Total Fee (inclusive of taxes)*
Students 11 to 25 Rs. 3,500/- per participant
26 to 50 Rs. 3,000/- per participant
Above 50 Rs. 2,500/- per participant
Industry Professionals 5 to 10** Rs. 14,000/- per participant
11 to 25 Rs. 12,500/- per participant
26 to 50 Rs. 11,000/- per participant
Above 50 Rs. 9,000/- per participant

*Convenience fees may apply.

** For registrations of less than 5 persons from one organization, direct individual payments should be made

Please write an e-mail to for more details on bulk registration.

Success of Previous Course

IIM Mumbai has successfully completed six versions of the Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization and Management, Business and Operations Analytics (2021 & 2022), End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation through Digitization and Data-Driven Supply Chain Transformation in association with Prof. David Simchi-Levi in 2021-2022.

All the courses received an overwhelming response with 7000+ individuals from reputed national and international organizations. Some prominent academic institutions include the llTs, llMs, IIFT, University of London, University of Warwick and some eminent organizations include P&G, HUL, GE, ITC, Amul, Deloitte, General Mills, IBM, Titan, Reliance, PwC, Siemens and many more.

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  1. What are the class timings?
    29th October ’22 – 4th December ’22 (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST | Saturday & Sunday) | 30 hours duration
  2. Will the session be recorded and available after the live class?
    Yes, lecture recordings will be available for one week after each session. Along with it, we will also be sharing lecture summaries and supplementary material to aid the learning.
  3. What is the last date to register for this course?
    The last date to register for the course is 27th October, 2022. But, we encourage you to register earlier as we have limited seats available.
  4. What would be the value of the Certificate? Will it generate enough value in the industry?
    The certificate will be signed by Prof. David Simchi-Levi, Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari - Director, IIM Mumbai, Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani, Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai, Director- BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. They are stalwarts in their respective domain. The certificate is officially issued by IIM Mumbai and BITS Pilani.
  5. What are the eligibility criteria for the course completion?
    It is extremely important that you attend all classes to have a comprehensive understanding of the course. Furthermore, you need to fulfill the required attendance and quiz attempt criteria to be eligible for a certificate.
  6. What is the registration fees for Indian Student studying in the Foreign University?
    The registration fees will be same as the foreign participant which is 200 USD. For bulk registrations please send us a mail to

Coordinating Team

For all queries, please Email to:


  1. Mr. Prashant M
  2. Mr. Shibi Chakravarthy S

Student Coordinators from IIM Mumbai:

  1. Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal
  2. Mr. Giriraj Jhawar
  3. Mr. Prashant
  4. Mr. Rony Mitra
  5. Mr. Rutvik Ghiya
  6. Mr. Shibi Chakravarthy S

Faculty Coordinators from BITS Pilani:

  1. Prof. Srikanta Routroy
  2. Prof. Satyendra Kumar Sharma

Faculty Coordinators from IIM Mumbai:

  1. Prof. Priyanka Verma
  2. Prof. T M Rofin
  3. Prof. M.S. Mahapatra
  4. Prof. Manupati Vijaya Kumar

Student Coordinators from BITS, Pilani:

  1. Ms. Aditi Gupta
  2. Mr. Anirudh T K
  3. Mr. Ayan Bhatnagar
  4. Mr. Lavish Jain
  5. Mr. Prasad A A
  6. Mr. Rajkumar