SCM Transformation 2021

Global Online Certification Course on
End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation through Digitization

In Collaboration with IIM Mumbai’s Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Exclusively for Industry Professionals and Corporate Groups

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Schedule: 13th November ’21 – 5th December ’21 (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST | Saturday & Sunday)

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Course Instructors


MIT Professor – Business & Supply Chain Analytics
Director, Data Science Lab,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Director, IIM Mumbai

Course Coordinators (IIM Mumbai)

Prof. Sushmita Narayana
Assistant Professor, Operations & Supply Chain Management

Prof. Priyanka Verma
Assistant Professor, Operations & Supply Chain Management

Prof. Debabrata Das
Assistant Professor, Analytics & Data Science

About the Course

Digital Transformation, which refers to the use of Data, Analytics and Automation, has been applied by a few innovative companies, from Apple to Amazon to Dell, to transform their businesses and achieve significant increase in revenue and profit while decreasing costs. In all these cases, the objective is to apply business analytics to transform the way the organization manages it business, from manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, and revenue optimization all the way to understanding consumer’s preference and innovate new products. This digital disruption is now motivating many companies in a variety of industries to reinvent their supply chains, from demand and supply planning to production and distribution.

IIM Mumbai is proud to present yet another Global Online Certification Course on ‘End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation through Digitization’ in association with Prof. David Simchi Levi (MIT, USA) under the leadership of Prof. Manoj Tiwari (Director, IIM Mumbai). This course is launched under IIM Mumbai's Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management which aims to develop India's logistics sector through applied research and industry outreach to tackle real-time business scenarios.

This course introduces Professor Simchi-Levi of MIT unique framework that combines the three technology trends, Digitization, Analytics and Automation to reinvent the supply chain. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of (i) applications of these trends to improve efficiency, profitability and growth; (ii) the required processes to improve supply chain visibility, flexibility and resiliency; and (iii) the appropriate organization and talent change.

About IIM Mumbai

IIM Mumbai, established in 1963 by the Government of India with the assistance of United Nations Development Project (UNDP) through the International Labour Organization (ILO), is one of the leading institutes for Management education

IIM Mumbai, a pioneer in Industrial Management has been positioned 12th amongst management schools in India by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2021.

IIM Mumbai, widely known as the leading Institute in Supply Chain and Operations, holds a purpose in advancing the transformative education and industry inspired research in different domains thus dedicating itself to help Indian businesses to make their presence felt globally


About IIM Mumbai ’s Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Shri Piyush Goyal (Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs & Food & Public Distribution and Textiles, Government of India) inaugurated the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at IIM Mumbai, Mumbai on 23rd September 2021.

This center will act as a driving force to train and launch top quality programs to disseminate advanced knowledge and promote Digitisation, Analytics, and IoT Application and Decision Support Systems through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications and Digital Twin and Control towers, to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of complex logistics operations.

It will help the logistics sector become more cost-effective, make the sector more competitive, create new jobs, export more, engage better with the world markets, expand outreach and bring more economic activity to India

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Course Focus

  • Supply Chain Trends
  • Supply Chain Competency
  • Machine Learning based technology
  • Digital Supply Chain transformation
  • Supply Chain Resiliency and the impact of COVID-19
  • Practical Case Studies

Course Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities for transforming and creating end-to-end supply chain value using digitization, analytics, and automation
  • Prioritize the opportunities provided by the technology trends: digitization, analytics and automation
  • Learn how to drive automation through network and production optimization
  • Understand how to increase sales by improving forecast accuracy
  • Explore how to apply data analytics to succeed in new product introduction

Course Highlights

  • This course is designed exclusively for industry Professionals and Corporate groups with a keen interest in SCM and Digitization.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to interact live with Prof. David Simchi Levi.
  • Gain 1 year of exclusive digital access for course participants to the 4th and the latest edition of the reference book, ‘’Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies by Prof. David Simchi-Levi” which will aid the learning during lectures.
  • Learn key concepts & trends through exhaustive cases & recent happenings in the industry.
  • Lecture Recording will be shared for the Course Duration.

Course Structure

  • 13th Nov ’21 – 5th Dec ’21
  • 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST || Saturday - Sunday
  • 20 Hours Course || 8 Sessions (2.5 Hours/Session)
  • Mode of Instruction - Via Online Platforms
  • Upon completion of the course, all registered participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from IIM Mumbai signed jointly by Prof. David Simchi Levi and Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari
  • Lecture Attendance and Course Participation will be the criteria for Course Completion
  • Lecture slides and supplementary material will be shared after each session

Course content:

Course Content and Lecture Schedule
Week I: Supply Chain Fundamentals

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Customer Value and Operations Strategy
  • Controlling the Bullwhip and value of Information
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Push-Pull Strategies
  • Complexity Reduction
  • Supply Chain Segmentation

Case Studies

  • Global Retailer
  • PC Manufacturer
  • CPG Network Optimization
  • High-Tech Manufacturer
Week 2: Supply Chain Digitization

Topics to be covered

  • Big Data Analytics for reengineering business processes
  • Supply Chain Digitization: Unified view of Demand, Segmentation, Smart S&OP, Smart Execution
  • Creating your digital roadmap
  • Prioritization Guidelines
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Developing an effective solution architecture

Case Studies

  • Global Retailer
  • CPG Transformation
Week 3: Supply Chain Resiliency

Topics to be covered

  • The Risk Exposure Index
  • Supply Chain Flexibility
  • Supply Chain Redundancy
  • Inventory Management Strategies

Case Studies

  • Automotive Manufacturer Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Management at Energy and Automation Manufacturing Company
Week 4: Supply Chain Sustainability

Topics to be covered

  • Network Planning
  • Sustainable Supply Chain as a source of competitive advantage
  • Supply Contracts and Risk Sharing Strategies

Case Studies

  • CPG transformation through flexibility (PepsiCo)
  • CPG transformation through redundancy
  • Supply Chain Sustainability at a large CPG company


MIT Professor – Business & Supply Chain Analytics

Director,  Data Science Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Prof. David Simchi-Levi is the most renowned Professor and Thought Leader in the field of Supply Chain Management and also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Management Science. He is the recipient of the prestigious INFORMS Impact Prize 2020 for his work on Supply Chain Resilience.
  • His book, "Designing and Managing the Supply Chain" (with P. Kaminsky and E. Simchi-Levi) is a staple across B-schools for their Supply Chain Management courses.
  • He is the founder and chairman of LogicTools which provides software solutions and professional services for supply chain optimization. The company has provided decision support systems to clients such as Caterpillar, ConAgra, Kraft Foods, Mercer Management, Ryder, SC Johnson, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Walgreens, etc. and was acquired by IBM.
  • Prof. David Simchi-Levi had associated with IIM Mumbai for the Global Online Certification Courses on Supply Chain Digitization and Management as well as Business & Operations Analytics in 2021 which were a highly successful courses with over 2500 participants from all over the world in each course
  • Profile on MIT website -
  • LinkedIn Profile -

Course Fees

For Individual Registrations
Category Fee Category Registration Fee
(incl. of all)*
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Participants from India Industry Professionals / Others Rs. 20,000/- per participant Registration Closed
IIM Mumbai Alumni Rs. 18,000/- per participant Registration Closed
Foreign Participants Any USD 400 per participant Registration Closed
For Bulk Registrations from one organization
Industry Professionals
Number of Participants Registration Fee (incl. of all)
Above 10 Rs. 16,000/- per participant

*Please write a mail to for more details on bulk registration.

Success of Previous Course

IIM Mumbai has successfully completed 2 versions of the Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization and Management, and Business and Operations Analytics in association with Prof. David Simchi- Levi in 2021.

Both the courses received an overwhelming response with 2500+ individuals in both the courses from reputed national and international organizations. Some prominent academic institutions include the llTs, llMs, IIFT, University of London, University of Warwick and some eminent organizations include P&G, HUL, GE, ITC, Amul, Deloitte, General Mills, IBM, Titan, Reliance, PwC and many more.

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  1. Will the session be recorded and be available after live class?
    Yes, Lecture Recordings will be available for the Course Duration. Along with it, we will also be sharing lecture summary and supplementary material to aid the learning.
  2. What are the class timings?
    13th Nov ’21 – 5th Dec ’21 (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST | Sat & Sun)
  3. What do I do, if I’m unable to attend certain classes for some reason?
    In case you miss a class or two, please do not worry, we have all the session’s PPTs and supplementary material and we will be sharing it with you promptly after each lecture. You will also get 1 year of digital access to the latest edition of the reference book, ‘’Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies by Prof. David Simchi-Levi” which will aid the learning during lectures.
  4. I am a student willing to register for the course. Is there any provision ?
    This course is designed exclusively for industry professionals. Please write a mail to if you have any other queries.
  5. What would be the value of the Certificate? Will it generate enough value in the industry?
    The certificate will be jointly signed by Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari - Director, IIM Mumbai and Prof. David Simchi-Levi. Both are stalwarts in their respective domain and the certificate is officially issued by IIM Mumbai.

SCM Transformation 2021Coordinating Team

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Student Coordinators:

  • Ms. Priti Bhole || PGDIM - 27
  • Mr. Jyothikrishnan T S || PGDIM - 27

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Prof. (Ms.) Sushmita Narayana
  • Prof. (Ms.) Priyanka Verma
  • Prof. Debabrata Das

Support Team:

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  • Mr. Rutvik Ghiya
  • Mr. Dhiraj Tamgadge
  • Ms. Aayushi Kumari Yadav
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