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The most important pillar on which industry resides is their own employees. Effective research outputs regarding employees, would have elements of qualitative or quantitative perspectives. Quantitative research requires collection, analysis and interpretation of large data into meaningful conclusion and long-term contribution. People analytics programme has been designed to enable HR professionals to conduct quantitative analysis meaningfully. It will familiarize participants with data and interpretation of its output using Excel. 

(Remarks: Following methodology will be adopted to make the sharing, reflection and internalization possible for efficient and effective understanding of the concept. The programme will focus on interactive case-based methodology. The programme will share cases with data, for participants to solve people related issues raised. The participants would work on Excel packages to familiarise with the tool and to understand the outputs generated with it.)

•    To understand the term analytics and complexity of people data
•    To familiarise participants with data noise different types of people related data
•    To apply descriptive and inferential analytics for 
-    Making meaning out of the available data for people related decisions. 
-    Validation of the experience-based proposition/intuitions for managerial decisions 
-    Development of prescriptive frameworks for attracting, retaining and developing talent in the organisation.

•   The programme will cover the importance of people data and its various forms (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio/ qualitative and quantitative)
•    Interpretation of descriptive analytics (Mean, Standard deviation and Chi-square) with the help of Excel package 
•    Interpretation of inferential analytics (Correlation, Regression, Logistic regression and ANOVA) with the help of Excel 
•    Understanding various factors contributing to organisational climate, culture and employee satisfaction. Interpretation of Factor analysis 
•    Understanding data for managerial decision making

Industry executives, academicians and PhD students

Course Details

Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs
Starts On Aug 28, 2023
Faculty Prof. Sumi Jha

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Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs 10,500.00 1,890.00 12,390.00 1 24 2 21
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