Developing Resilient Supply Chain

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In today’s highly dynamic scenarios, i.e., the VUCA world, supply chains across domains are facing extreme challenges from multiple corners, starting with sourcing risk, demand risk, logistics risk, etc. It is no longer essential only to be cost-efficient but rather resilient to mitigate various disruptions successfully. This program will focus on important aspects of supply chain risks and discuss the process of making a supply chain resilient.

To discuss the various kinds of SC risks and their implication on the business

To understand different approaches to address those risks

To acquaint the participants with various tools and techniques used in this process

To impart managerial insights to address challenging business problems

Supply Chain Risks – Examples of SC risks, Sources of risks, and characterization, Demand risks - Examples, Centralized or decentralized distribution, Risk pooling, Supply risks - Examples, Single or multi-sourcing, Nearshoring, Responsive network design, Process flexibility, Role of Time-to-Recover (TTR) and Time-to-Survive (TTS). Importance of Risk Exposure Index (REI), Methods for managing supply chain risks.

Operational and Middle-level Managers

Course Details

Venue Offline
Duration 18 Hrs
Starts On Feb 19, 2024
Faculty Prof. Maheswar Singha Mahapatra

Fees Details

Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs 10,500.00 1,890.00 12,390.00 1 24 3 40
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