Building business sensitivity on stakeholder marginalisation

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Managing Stakeholders is an important element of business and its credibility in society. Moreover, research suggests that endeavours of managing stakeholders have ethical elements as it allows us to rethink our business.

We listen to the narratives on gig economy workers and their fate or, let us say, truck drivers and cleaners in supply chain processes. Nevertheless, do they not contribute to the success of the business? The expert report says such workers are often marginalized, and it is worth pondering how and why this marginalization happens. What could be done to make more inclusive business
The two-day workshop aims to build business sensitivity around such marginalization.

The programme aims to build business sensitivity and awareness around marginalization of stakeholders.

• What are the antecedents that influence stakeholder marginalization?
• What could be done to make more inclusive business strategies?
• How can marginalized stakeholders create value for your business?
• How to engage marginalized stakeholders for value balancing? 
• What are various approaches to be ethical in business?
• Can equity and egalitarian interventions be made viable, feasible and desirable? 
• Various business cases

Senior and Middle level managers

Course Details

Venue Offline
Duration 12 Hrs.
Starts On Oct 16, 2023
Faculty Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta

Fees Details

Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
12 Hrs. 6,500.00 1,170.00 7,670.00 1 24 4 79
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