Strategic Pricing

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Pricing is the only ‘P’ in marketing mix which adds to the revenue. Understanding of pricing not only aids in better client negotiations but also helps in garnering more profits for the organization. Also, there is need to understand the customer and competitor response towards various pricing cues and price based promotions. It helps in right kind of price framing depending on the target audience. This programme aims at developing a thorough understanding of the strategic pricing issues, apart from discussing the basic pricing techniques used in various industries. It also enables the business executives to better understand and handle pricing war situation in their respective industry.

  •  Familiarize with the principles of pricing
  • Develop an understanding of pricing techniques
  • Discuss strategic pricing issues using case studies
  • Managing pricing wars
  • Legal compliance in pricing
  • Latest best pricing practices in the industry

•    Principles of  Pricing
•    Steps in pricing a new product and service
•    Conjoint analysis for pricing
•    Price framing and Customer response
•    Competitive Pricing Strategies
•    Managing Pricing Wars
•    Legal issues in pricing
•    Modern trends in pricing 

This program is aimed at middle/senior level managers of private and public sector firms involved with pricing related activities at various functional levels including those working in marketing, finance, operations, IT or general management area.

Course Details

Venue Online
Duration 18 Hrs
Starts On Oct 23, 2023
Faculty Prof. Neeraj Pandey

Fees Details

Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
18 Hrs 10,500.00 1,890.00 12,390.00 1 24 4 71
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