Digital Twin in the Context of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

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Digital manufacturing and supply chain have become the prime focus areas of industry and research, as they offer a wide lane for optimizing resources. For a better understanding and visualization of manufacturing and supply chains and to decipher further scopes for simulation, analysis, and optimization of potentials, a digital twin approach may be a worthy solution. However, the process and focus are often vague, which results in unorganized research and industrial applications of it. Therefore, the present program is aimed at answering detailed queries on the use of case studies, purposes, and level of technological readiness of Digital twins in manufacturing and supply chains.

1) will be familiarized with the concepts of Digital Twin in the context of the manufacturing and supply chain. 2) will be able to visualize and understand complex manufacturing and supply chain problems systematically. 3) will be able to develop digital twins. 4) will learn the basics and applications of digital twin software viz. anyLogistix.

This training program is designed for web-based learning with hands-on exercises for executives in managerial positions in any organization. The topics covered include the following: - Supply Chain Control Towers - Digital Twins - Characteristics of Digital Twins - Working with Digital Twins - Digital Twins Development and Deployment using anyLogistix - Case Studies

Professionals involved in manufacturing, SCM, and related functional areas.

Course Details

Venue Online
Duration 12 Hrs.
Starts On Mar 26, 2024
Faculty Prof. Amit Kumar Das

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Duration Professional Fee*(Per participant) GST(18%) Total Fees(Per Participant) Programme Code
12 Hrs. 6,500.00 1,170.00 7,670.00 1 24 1 03
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