Padmanav Acharya



PhD (IIT Kharagpur), MTech(IIT Kharagpur), B.E. (Mech) Hon's, U.U.

Area & Groups
Operations & Supply Chain Management

1. PhD (IIT Kharagpur)

2. MTech(IIT Kharagpur)

3. B.E. (Mech) Hon's, Utkal University

  • Areas
    • Reverse Logistics
    • Waste Management
    • Lean Manufacturing
  • Industry
    • Apparel
    • Electronics
    • Tyre
    • Healthcare
    • Food and Agriculture
    • Automotive
  • System Dynamics Simulation (with distinct industry application orientation), Optimisation, MCDM techniques 

1. Industrial Engineering and Productivity Management

2. Operations Management

3. System Dynamics Modelling

4. Transportation and Logistics Management

5. Project Management

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HPCL, Pune

Jubilant Lifescince, Mysore

BILT, Bhigwan

VKC, Coimbatore

BEL, Bangalore

Seamex, Mumbai

JSW, Ratnagiri

HEG, Bhopal

Coromondal, Gujarat

  1. Dean, Academics, Nitie 2019-2021
  2. Chairman Curriculum Review Committee Nitie 2020-2021
  3. Chairman PGP Committee, Nitie, 2019-2021
  4. Programme Coordinator, PGDIE, Nitie 2019
  5. Admission in charge, Nitie 2017-18
  6. Fellow Program Coordinator, Nitie 2016-17
  7. Area Coordinator for IEMS area, Nitie 2015-16
  8. Warden of Vikram Sarabhai Hall, Nitie 2015-16
  9. Member PGP Committee, Nitie 2016-17 and 2019-2021
  10. Member Institute Library Committee, Nitie 2016-17