Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee of IIM Mumbai is one of the crucial committees responsible for the jazz factor during the students’ college life. We are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun & frolic along with the case studies. CultComm is an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students by offering them a platform to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers.

The CultComm is responsible for the following activities

  • End to end organization of Arohan, the Inter B-School Cultural Fest of IIM Mumbai. Scheduled to happen every year in mid October, it sees the channeling of exemplary talent from across the country to IIM Mumbai to compete against the best.
  • Festival celebrations in campus: The student on campus thoroughly enjoy each festival in its own flavors e.g. Dahi Handi during janmashtmi, Ganpati Sthapana during Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi Party , Rain Dandiya etc. The cultural committee takes pleasure in organizing these so that the batch lets loose on such occasions.
  • Ataria Jam: A monthly get together at the famous ‘Ataria’ to sing famous songs accompanied by guitars and other musc instruments. More often than not it get converted into an open air antakshari.
  • Music clubs, dance clubs. Dramatics clubs: CultComm facilitates the operation of these clubs in the campus so that like-minded individuals can connect and take part in cultural events.
  • Interbatch events: CultComm organizes various competitions in the batch which keep the students involved and engaged.
  • Fresher’s Party: CultComm is responsible for organizing the official fresher’s party for the new batch which consists of music, dance & dramatics events performed by students of the new batch.
  • SPOC for other B schools: They are the point of contact for all other B Schools in the country.
  • Theatre of Performing Arts: This is an ice breaker events to break the ice between seniors and juniors after they come in. This involves performances in front of seniors by the juniors.
  • Wall of Fame: Every year we put up a wall of memories which consists of the best pics submitted by students of the senior batch which represent their memories in IIM Mumbai.
  • Tee Shirt Scribbling: As a part of farewell, the CultComm organizes a tee shirt scribbling event where seniors come and scribble on each other’s shirts.

Cultural Team Who are we? What do we do?

We as a cultural team are responsible for keeping the spirits alive on the campus by organizing multitude of cultural activities round the year. Be it celebration of almost every festival or frequent open air jamming sessions we make sure that every event last in your memory for a lifetime. It requires a lot of effort and planning to organize events on this scale which needs a strong, dedicated and united team with multitude of skills selection of which is a big responsibility on our part and require access to best of the students available. A sneak peak of what we do round the year:

Event Month/ Frequency Description

Starting this year Avartan will be the flagship event for the cultural team. The event will be on a very large scale and will attract participations from B schools across the nation. The event will comprise of Music, Dance, Literary, Arts and Informal events Also known as official fresher party for the junior batch this event is gaining scale with time. The junior batch showcases their talents in front of peers and faculties.

We as team manages their performances, tent, sound, stage and dinner facilities. Started as a IIM Mumbai tradition the first edition of this open air jam and sing along event saw encouraging participations from the whole batch. The monthly event will gain scale in coming weeks and will see new formats emerging. We add spice to the amazing parties organized by coordcom every year by conducting events such as batch awards, street dance etc.

We have planned number of new events in the coming parties and will strive hard to set the tradition. We organize a small party with unlimited fun every year to mark the occasion of Krishna’s birthday. The limelight remains on inter hostel Matki fod competition in truly Mumbaiya style. Holi party over the years has been organized in collaboration with coordcom over the years which we strive to make bigger and better in coming years Dandiya night is again one of the fun nights IIM Mumbaiians wait for.

We arrange for a fun filled party with music, fun and masti every year We take care of keeping alive the Indian culture on campus by organizing for various pooja sessions such as Ganpati, Diwali, Guru Purnima etc. round the year We are hopeful that you must have got an idea about the effort put by us in keeping the culture alive at campus. Coming days are bringing even bigger responsibilities and we are hopeful that it will be very rational on your part to consider our proposal.