Arth-Investment Club

“Arth” is IIM Mumbai’s quasi- mutual fund. What was just started as an idea with a common interest & curiosity in the capital markets has now become a common platform of learning and achievements for the students of IIM Mumbai. We made a humble beginning in the Model of Mutual Fund space with the launch of our first scheme in August, 2004 with “learning through real investment” in mind. Today we give above average market return of our investors while we are intact in our objectives. Arth is the breeding ground for potential investment bankers and portfolio managers ever since its inception. Arth has always been home to inquisitive minds that aspire to create the most logical form of exchange the world has known i.e. money. It boasts of a long list of illustrious alumni who are now transforming the financial services industry into a more ethical and efficient one.

The core principle of Arth has been responsible investing. It’s a clique where knowledge and intellect drive every activity that members indulge in. Arth has radically transformed from a quasi mutual fund for students of IIM Mumbai and has broadened its horizon by aiming at generating knowledge in the field of investing with application of it (active fund management strategy) to the student fund for responsible returns based on the risk appetite of the batch. We are aiming at continuous development of knowledge of the whole batch in the field of Investment.