It Coordination Committee



Improve & maintain the IT infrastructure of the institute with the changing world.


  • To implement advanced technologies for communication
  • To provide a platform to share resources among students
  • To maintain and update college Website and Admission portal


About the committee

The IT Committee acts as an interface between the students and the Computer Centre. The committee is responsible for development of IT infrastructure in IIM Mumbai.

Over the past year, the committee has been successful in implementing advanced technologies like Office 365, Lync for Internal Communication as well as improvement of internet facilities through LAN wiring and Wi-Fi in Student Hostels.

The committee is currently coordinating with various vendors to implement new technologies like Active Directory, e-Governance as well as to develop new website of the institute.

The committee works throughout the year providing the best-of-breed IT support to the student community and is the first touch point for any IT infrastructure related issues.

Events/competitions organized:

The committee every year organizes events under Avartan, IIM Mumbai’s Annual management fest

  • SyncQuest, an IT case study challenge
  • SPC-IT, Summer Project Competition - IT
  • BizTalk, a corporate panel discussion
  • atLANtis, a LAN gaming event

Committee / Forum Structure