Course Design

Program Design

To achieve the VLFM philosophy, the program structure is based on three pillars: technology, process and management.


  • Experiential learning and practice-based curriculum along with classroom lectures, guest talk series, industrial visits, and group exercises help enhance the intellectual capabilities, enabling students to broaden their perspectives and launch themselves into new avenues of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • Techno-Managerial courses tailored at the institutes instills technical skills and managerial outlook which are crucial towards transforming the manufacturing edge of modern India.
  • Case-study based learning approach encourages students to develop a growth mindset and open thought process and emerge as visionary leader who is capable of maneuvering unstructured and dynamic real-life situations.

Engagement hour break-up

Module Total hours
Induction, Breakthrough Management 80
IIM Mumbai (Process and Management courses) 550
IIT Delhi (Technical courses) 364
Internship/ Research Project 320
International Visit 80
Total instruction - contact hours 994
Total hours of engagement 1394

List of courses: IIM Mumbai

Course Name Contact Hours
Work system Design 30
Manufacturing System Design 30
Manufacturing Strategy 15
Project Management 15
Operations Process Analysis and Capacity Management 15
Operations Research in Manufacturing 15
Operations Planning under Uncertainty 30
Cost Management and Controls 30
Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, and Logistics Planning 30
Supply Chain Integration 15
Strategic Imperatives of New Product Development 20
Systems Approach to Manufacturing 15
Foresight Driven Technology and Innovation Strategy 15
Design of Future Digital Factory 15
Marketing: Theory and Practice 15
Accounting for Manufacturing 15
Managerial Economics 15
Sustainable Development 15
Data Analytics 15
Organization Behavior: Energizing Workforce 15
Macro Environment and Policy 15
Advanced Human Resource Management 15
Market Research for Global Manufacturing Competitiveness 15
Strategic Planning and Implementation 15
Information Systems for Manufacturing Asset Management 15
Business to Business Marketing 15
Sustainable Strategies for Manufacturing 30
Enterprise Systems in Manufacturing 15
Visionary Leadership 30
CII Work Shop 81
Total contact hours 621

List of courses: IIT Delhi

Course Name Contact Hours
Statistics for Manufacturing Management 21
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 28
Experimental and Computational tools for Manufacturing Management 28
Core Manufacturing Processes 42
Additive Manufacturing 35
Subtractive Manufacturing 63
Digital Design and Robotics 42
Automation and Smart Manufacturing 35
Materials and Machine Tools Design 42
Energy Management and Industrial Safety 28
Total Contact Hours 364