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1 Request for Proposal for Empanelment of auditors for ‘Providing Statutory audit to IIM Mumbai'

Addendum for more Details - Click Here (Updated on 20.01.2024)

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06 Jan 2024
2 Annual Operation of Organic Waste Converter at IIM Mumbai 14 Feb 2024
3 Annual Maintenance and Service Contract for Window, Split, Cassette Air Conditioners ,Water Coolers and Water Dispensers 14 Feb 2024
4 आईआईएम मुंबई के बगीचा के अनुरक्षण के लिए खाद और मिट्ठी मंगवाने के लिए 09 Feb 2024
5 EOI - Convocation 24 - Hiring of Event Mgt Services

Notice to the Bidder for more Details - Click Here (Updated on 16.01.2024)

09 Jan 2024
6 EoI for Operation of Cafeteria at IIM Mumbai 13 Jan 2024
7 Internal / External Painting to Ground Floor Passage at Old Admin Block and Road Side Wall & Kerb stone of Campus for Convocation 2024. 10 Jan 2024
8 GeM Bid: Hiring of Bus Services at IIM Mumbai 10 Jan 2024