DEI Cell

The DEI cell at IIM Mumbai is committed to making efforts and collaborations to foster diversity, equity and inclusion by engaging stakeholders within and outside its community.

Objectives of DEI Club

  1. Build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem
  2. Nurturing sense of belongingness.
  3. Promoting the voice of the underrepresented
  4. Foster dignity and respect in the workplace

Corporate and Social Associations to promote DEI

      • IIM Mumbai and FICCI FLO MoU: IIM Mumbai has partnered with FICCI FLO for upskilling women entrepreneurs at three levels: ground, middle and senior management. Through this partnership, IIM Mumbai and FICCI FLO will be undertaking research on themes of imminent importance to women entrepreneurs. IIM Mumbai conducts monthly knowledge sessions with women entrepreneurs.
      • IIM Mumbai AND P&G MoU: IIM Mumbai in collaboration with P&G conducts Annual Equality Summit. The first event was conducted on 17th March 2021. It was graced by the presence of eminent personalities for the keynote session - Dr. Kiran Bedi (Former LG, Government of Puducherry), Ms. Anna Roy (Senior advisor, NITI Aayog), Mr. Madhusudan Gopalan (CEO & MD P&G ISC) & Dr. Manoj Tiwari (Director).
      • Academic Co-partnership: Co-partnered with SheMaker Summit 2022 to support vision to build a future of manufacturing where woman have equal power & voice as makers and leaders.
      • Industry-Panel Discussions: IIM Mumbai holds panel discussions with industry experts to discussion issues and strategies of building a robust inclusive climate. The two events held recently are:
        • The Rainbow Strategy – Synergizing Diversity Spectrum
        • Leaders of Change: "Women in supply chain”
      • Strengthening DEI Initiatives in the Ecosystem: DEI cell promotes inclusion by engaging stakeholders. As a part of its DEI Initiatives, IIM Mumbai has successfully conducted a program for Faculty/Officers/Staff kids, to honour the unconditional love and (unconscious) support extended by children for parent’s emotional wellbeing, contributing to their wholesome development. Another event was conducted for faculty spouses comprising of stay-at-home women, honoring the valuable support extended by them to their spouses and celebrating the care, encouragement and commitment offered by them to their families.
      • Parivartan: IIM Mumbai has a Mentorship Program initiative named 'Parivartan.' The primary objective of this initiative is to provide mentorship and skill-building to underprivileged children in rural, urban, and semi-urban areas while helping them hone their communication and social skills. The sessions are focused on developing student's cognitive skills as well character-building life skills. These activities are undertaken with support of The Bombay mothers and children welfare society and focused on schools situated in Rajguru Nagar District.

SheMaker Summit 2022

As a part of its DEI Initiatives, IIM Mumbai has co-partnered with SheMaker Summit 2022 to support the vision of building an inclusive future for women in the manufacturing sector, where they have equal power & voice as makers and leaders.

DEI Cell was launched under the able guidance of Prof. Manoj Tiwari, our Director, Prof. VB Khanapuri, Dean SRIC, Prof. Vivek Khanzode, Dean P&C and Prof. Upasna A Agarwal, PIC DEI Cell, IIM Mumbai.

Prof. Upasna A Agarwal and Prof. Megha Gupta were the coordinators for this academic co-partnership

Unconscious Bias

We are excited to share that the #Diversity, #Equity & #Inclusion #Cell has successfully trained #150 #People #Managers of Carlsberg Group India on "#Unconscious #Bias" across the Country!

Our team of Prof. Upasna A Agarwal (she/her), Prof. Nikhil K Mehta (He/Him), Prof. Poonam Mehra Singh, Phd (she/her), and Prof. Megha Gupta (She/Her) look forward to continue having exciting, engaging and insightful discussions with managers of #Carlsberg #Group #India!

DEI Cell IIM Mumbai Induction