Hindi Workshops

IIM Mumbai conducts a one-day Hindi Workshop every quarter to comply with the Annual Program of the Official Language Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Special Bilingual Training materials have been made for the participants of the Hindi Workshop. All the eligible employees of the Institute have been trained multiple times in Hindi workshops which are going on regularly. More than 100 Hindi workshops have been organized till today's date. In these workshops, various officers working in the field of official language gave lectures on the following topics:

  • Implementation of Official Language Policy and Annual Programme
  • Computer and Hindi Unicode
  • Official Noting-Drafting and Practice
  • Correct use of Grammar & spelling in Hindi
  • Official Language Implementation & Technical Facilities
  • Importance of Communication in Official Work
  • Official correspondence and practice
  • Management of Official Language and digital India
  • Creative forms of Hindi Language
  • How to fill quarterly Hindi Progress Reports, etc.