Hindi Training

Prof. (Mrs.) Gargi Gadgil, Hindi Professor, Hindi Teaching Scheme with the participants of Hindi PARANGAT training course

All the employees of the Institute have completed the training of Hindi Language (Prabodh, Pravin and Pragya). Institute has been notified under the Official Language Rule 10(4) as more than 80% Officers/Employees have attained the working knowledge of Hindi and Institute has issued Office Order to notify 6 Sections (Administration, Security & Transport, Library, Dispensary, CPSC and Strore) under Official Language Rule 8(4) to carried out their all official work in Hindi only. All the LDC's are trained in Hindi Typing/ Computer Operating. Also, all the Stenographers are trained in Hindi Stenography.


All the employees of the Institute have completed the Hindi PARANGAT training course by Hindi Teaching Scheme, Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India to enable them to carry out their official work in Hindi.