Centre Chair's message


Centre of Innovation and Incubation is an emerging platform at IIM Mumbai, Mumbai for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing start-ups. CIIE aims at incubating early-stage start-ups that demonstrate potential to innovate, implement and create social and financial impact. It would help ideate, test, build prototype and launch prospective ventures. CIIE focuses at providing

an inspiring co-working environment with the right mix of expert guidance, practical advice, and interaction with thoughtful business pioneers. With the support and collaboration of Government institutions, Management leaders, IIM Mumbai faculty and continuum of incubation, CIIE would open the door for creative and visionary ideas of budding entrepreneurs to create superlative impact.

IIM Mumbai has proven to be a dynamic driving force in all sectors of the Indian economy. The Institute has its own distinct profile in certain strong niche areas and strives to build one in the business incubation community in India. CIIE would help facilitate state-of-the-art physical infrastructure, training and mentorship programs, access to a network of like-minded collaborators and funding support to the aspiring entrepreneurial student ventures. CIIE seeks to support entrepreneurs translating innovations into products and services that are commercially viable leading to the development and economic growth of businesses and industries of the nation.